After much excitement and anticipation, winter sports at BFA Fairfax have begun! With essential safety protocols and procedures in place, our High School basketball, cheerleading, and Nordic ski teams began skills and conditioning practices the week of January 11 (Phase 1), and transitioned to traditional practices involving incidental contact, inter-squad scrimmages, and formal outdoor ski events as of Monday, January 18 (Phase 2).  With the High School teams well under way, Middle School teams will begin practices the week of February 1st.

As we await permission from Governor Scott to transition to Phase 3 of school athletics, which will enable our High School indoor sports teams to compete against other schools, one of the most frequent questions has involved how parents, families and fans will be able to view their indoor teams compete, given that spectators will not be allowed for in-school events this year.  

We are extremely excited to share that through the creativity and ingenuity we have already seen on display at BFA Fairfax through virtual concerts and the upcoming dramatic arts performance, we will be broadcasting our High School indoor athletic events LIVE on YouTube! This platform will allow anyone, anywhere, to access these athletic events free of charge! 

Not only will the broadcasts serve as a way to watch some of your favorite BFA Fairfax sports teams live, but it will also allow our Media and Communications, and Public Speaking students to apply their class learning in real-time, as those students will be serving as camera operators and play-by-play announcers. 

Additionally, because the events will be broadcast on YouTube, there will be an archive of the games, which will be a bonus for coaches, families, and players to access whenever they choose. While this is a new endeavor, and certainly there may be a few unanticipated initial challenges, we are excited to see how it turns out, how it grows, and how it is received by the school community and families. 

Many thanks to BFA Fairfax Technology Integrationist, Sean Theoret for his expertise in bringing this idea to fruition. We look forward to the implementation of this opportunity as soon as we receive formal permission from Governor Scott to begin indoor events.

In the meantime, please mask up, follow health and safety guidelines, and ensure our students have a great winter season.

Geri Witalec-Krupa is the Director of Student Activities at BFA Fairfax. Geri is a regular contributor to THE FWSU STORY. You can follow her @GLWit

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