October was Principal Appreciation Month across the nation. FWSU is officially extending the celebration of our principals through today as we take a moment to recognize the work of the educational leaders in each of our schools.

The principal’s job is difficult. Principals handle everything from budgets to professional development to student behavior to the daily schedule. Most days a principal deals with all of those items (and more) before 7:30 AM. 

Our principals spend as much time in classrooms as possible in order to build relationships with students and provide supervision and evaluation for teachers. They are available in the hallways and lunchrooms to monitor and redirect students. They meet with parents and students and teachers before, during, and after the school day.

With the ongoing pandemic, principals have had to take on additional tasks related to student health and safety. They are involved with contact tracing and calling families to advise them of quarantine conditions. Unfortunately, sometimes we learn about a positive case after school or on a weekend, so principals end up at school on their nights and weekends “off”! 

Through all their regular duties and the added responsibilities this year, our principals do their work every day with a smile on their face and seek out the joy in our buildings. Their primary concern continues to be student growth and learning. 

Our former Curriculum Director, Mary Lynn Riggs, described the job of principal as “24/7 in your face and it’s the best job there is!”. FWSU’s principals:

  • Aimee Toth, Fletcher Elementary School
  • Steve Emery, Georgia Elementary School
  • Julie Conrad, Georgia Middle School
  • Thomas Walsh, BFA Elementary School
  • Justin Brown, BFA Middle School
  • Geri Witalec-Krupa, BFA Director of Student Activities  and
  • Elizabeth Noonan, BFA High School

do the job every day with style and professionalism. We appreciate them, not only in this extended appreciation month, but all year long! 

John Tague is the Superintendent at Franklin West Supervisory Union and is a regular contributor to THE FWSU STORY. You can follow him on Twitter @jtague252

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