I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with students about the upcoming school break. With genuine curiosity, I’ve been collecting a running list of what our students are most excited about. The top of this list might surprise you!

So here goes…..

Coming in at number 5: Sleep

I can’t say I disagree. Many students are looking forward to sleeping in, sneaking in a nap, and possibly staying in pajamas for the day. 

Coming in at number 4: Snow

If I remember correctly, last year we hit sixty degrees over school break. Many students were hoping to have a big snowstorm this year. Sledding was a top priority for many of our elementary students. Skiing and snowboarding also was a popular answer. If I’m being honest, I hope for a storm too. 

Coming in at number 3: Movies (TV)

More of a high school perspective but many folks were excited about binge watching a netflix series, maybe a holiday favorite, with lots of snacks. Fair to say, my list of series to catch up on has grown. Thanks for all the recommendations. 

Coming in at number 2: Food

This one is closely paired with our number 1. Whatever holiday we celebrate, food seems to be a major part. Whether it’s that special meal we only eat once a year or permission to bend the rules on what we consider healthy. Food is a universal connector. 

And the number 1: Insert drum roll here – Spending time with family and friends

This warms my heart! Our current situation has limited the way we get to interact with our inner circle. Seeing or “seeing” (i.e virtual) various parts of our families is, without question, a highlight for many. Also the ability to gather with friends, safely, is something I know we all are looking forward to. 

Whatever you are excited for I hope it finds a way into your life!  

 Scott Thompson is the Director of Curriculum of Franklin West Supervisory Union and is a regular contributor to THE FWSU STORY. You can follow him on Twitter @Stboatervt

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