“An Active mind cannot exist in an inactive body”

Let’s start this two-part blog post with a HUGE shout out to our Physical Education Teachers!!! Woot Woot. This pandemic has brought a lot of new topics into our regular conversation that may not usually be there. School’s across the United States have increased their focus on mental health and wellbeing. And rightfully so. PE is one of our many strategies to support this. 

I continue to visit schools and see first hand many of the amazing opportunities our students have. Last week I was sitting in for a principal and just happened to be right next to the gym. As students lined up to enter there was an extra layer of excitement for what lay ahead for them. I saw the wiggles, fidgets, and smiles that could not be hidden by masks. It might have been connected to the upbeat music playing in the background. Truth be told, I had a little extra bound in my step as I watched this class. 

As students spread out across the gym they danced, jumped, and began to raise their heart beats. Then a few laps around the gym and they were “officially” ready to start the activity for the day. Drum roll….. The parachute! Which I fondly remember from my PE experience. 

They shook the parachute, working on coordination. They play sharks and minnows under the parachute, a few at a time. Finally, they made what I call the blob. They all raised the parachute in the air and ran under it and pulled it down tight.  The best part was the giggling and screaming with excitement. It just made me smile as well. 

As I made the rounds across schools, I was invited to play Pickleball, Floor Hockey, and Basketball. All of which make my heart rate jump! Side note….I need to exercise more if I am going to keep with these kids. 

We are lucky to have our PE teachers. They are a vital part of FWSU and continue to promote health and wellness for all of us!

Part Two

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation,”

– Plato

I was invited to join recess two weeks ago and it’s possible I had more fun than our students. It was clear they love being outside and played hard the entire time. It was noticeable how strong the social connection was and how much our students, adults too, crave it and recess did not disappoint.

I heard there were 100 sled runs on the 100th day of school! 

Recess is definitely a highlight for many. They smiled, laughed, chased, joked, sledded, and so much more. I was so glad to see our students being active and having fun. 

I also want to give a HUGE shout out to all the folks who make recess happen. I hope you know how much our students appreciate it. 

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