The first 30 minutes of the day at GEMS are spent sitting in a circle with classmates.  Why a circle?  A circle allows for everyone to feel included in their classroom community as they are face to face.  We call this circle, “morning meeting.”

The purpose of morning meetings is to: 

  • Promote opportunities for social development
  • Provide an adult advocate for each student 
  • Build community
  • Prepare students to learn

A typical morning meeting includes a greeting, a share (answering a posed question), and an activity/game.  Homeroom teachers or “advisory leaders” (7th/8th grade) may also talk about the student’s schedule for their day.  

Teaching, modeling, and practicing social skills are key components of morning meetings.  While they practice these skills, they build positive relationships with each other and their teacher.  And of course, it gives our students an opportunity to learn and practice our school-wide expectations of being respectful, responsible, and safe. 

“Schools are like towns, a group of people, often diverse, that spend a lot of time together…  Both need to create a climate that supports the productivity and well-being of the people who live there.  

-The Advisory Book: Building a Community of Learners

Melissa Fisher

Dean of Students

Georgia School, PreK-8

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