Summer School Goes S.T.E.M.

STEM = Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (Did You Know?)

This summer students at Georgia Elementary are actively engaged in a new type of summer school  learning experiences.  Teachers and administration looked at the past of summer school and then looked at the future.  They decided to try and engage students differently. STEM education uses relevance, problem-solving, project-based learning and performance tasks.  Each day students are assigned a problem and work in teams to solve the problem. They are asked to think like engineers, mathematicians, scientists and to use technolgy.  At the same time they are being asked to write about their discoveries, their ideas, their innovative thoughts, and their understandings of concepts.

Pictured below is a final product of a daily challenge for the students. Teams were asked to build towers that would support the weight of a stuffed dog. The towers had certain requirements for their construction. Some of the teams met the challenge and some did not. However, each of the teams used an engineering design process as they worked to solve the problem.

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