Digital Learning at GEMS

Schools throughout FWSU are running classes this summer for students and adults alike. Today we chose one particularly interesting class being taught at Georgia Elementary Middle School (GEMS) to highlight. The class is sponsored by Southern New Hampshire University and is focusing on the exploration of instructional technology including emerging trends, current issues, and instructional paradigms. The class is exploring the use of “gamification” as a new method of professional development for adult learners.  The course is comprised of educators from districts around our region.

Pictured above are GEMS teachers Dayle Payne (@DigiDayle) and Eric Hadd (@ehaddvt) who are the course instructors.

3 thoughts on “Digital Learning at GEMS

  1. Digital learning is one of the ongoing trends now a days and gamification is the newest coined expression for fun+education. This essentially helps in simplifying education deliverance and building better understanding among learners for any age group. It’s quite an innovative step taken by Georgia Elementary Middle School.


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