Another Look Behind the Scenes


SYLVIA GAGNE,  Computer Technician at GEMS

At FWSU, our students and staff have access to a wide variety of technologies for educational and administrative purposes. We rely on the technology tools and resources towork every time. FWSU is very fortunate to employ an amazing team of technology personnel who to make sure that our systems and resources continue to be reliable and functional.

Often, our behind-the-scenes tech cadre go unnoticed – until something is broken and needs repair. Their work is critical to to the overall success of our students. They are responsible for the wireless networks that allow for learning to happen anywhere in the school at virtually any time. They maintain the hardware and software that is used on a daily basis so that our students and staff can access the world. Keeping this “ship” afloat is no easy task. This summer, like our maintenance staff, our IT staff are working hard to get our schools ready for the first day. Join us in thanking our technology staff for all they do to support an environment of teaching and learning in our schools!

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