Middle School Students Make GEMS’ Mission Personal

Georgia Elementary & Middle School has been guided by a Mission/Vision Beliefs Statement for years. Last year, the time had come for the staff to revisit the statement and have a discussion about what it is we believe.  Teachers and staff proceeded to have a discussion and from that, a group of representative staff members met and formed a new mission statement by collaborating and communicating with the rest of the staff members.  Mission accomplished — almost.

Later in the school year, a group of eighth grade students approached Principal Calano to find out more about the school mission. They explained to him that they were actually researching the mission statement and examining what it meant to them as learners. After reviewing the statement, the students decided to take the mission statement and turn it into a kid friendly format. The students reworked the mission putting the ideas in their own words. Then they turned that into a mural design for the school hallway. Today all students are able to see and understand the Georgia Elementary & Middle School’s mission statement from a kids perspective. Mission accomplished!

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