Nuts+Bolts: A Closer Look at School Policy

Have you ever wondered about the work of school boards? According to state law, policy development is one the primary functions of school boards. These written policies articulate the overall vision for the district, shaping the direction of the educational organization. They are an essential guide for local school officials as they carry out the daily operations of the school.

Last spring, local school boards in FWSU embarked on a comprehensive review of all school policies. The goal of the work is to ensure that policy statements are focused on the broader vision. As a result, some language will be reworked – specific procedures outlined in several policies will be removed. This will provide greater flexibility for school administrators to align procedures with the operational needs of their buildings.

Image by Natasha Wheel, FWSU

Now that the review process is nearly complete, school boards will move on to the next phase of the project and formally adopt proposed policy changes. In accordance with state law, policy changes are publicly warned on school board meeting agendas so that members of the community have opportunity to offer input. Our school boards welcome community engagement in this important process and invite members of the public to attend meetings – especially those in which school policy revisions are under consideration. All meeting agendas are available in the school board section of the FWSU website

Once all of the revisions are complete, school boards will compile policies into helpful mini-handbooks by topic for easier reading and distribution. This is just one of the many ways that school board members are committed to serving our students, staff, and communities. Please join us in thanking our school boards for all their efforts!

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