Recognizing the Language of Behavior

“The process of learning requires not only hearing and applying, but also forgetting and then remembering again.” This quote by John Gray can be easily  linked to Target 1-Student centered Learning and Target 4- Engaged Community Partners of the FWSU Action Plan:

As a part of FWSU’s opening inservice events, paraprofessionals were provided with a half day learning opportunity entitled:  “Behavior and Communication.”  This presentation was provided in conjunction with our community partner: Northwestern Counseling and Support Services (NCSS) The topic encouraged staff to engage with the presenter to gain additional understanding about behavior as a form of communication.  Our staff is committed to developing learning habits that will foster growth and independence, while providing our students with a way to express their needs in the learning environment.

The function of behavior may be:

  • Attention – To gain access to one’s attention, whether the attention is positive or negative.
  • Escape/Avoidance – To escape/avoid a particular activity, situation, person.
  • Tangible – To gain success to tangible items(s)
  • Sensory – To gain access to sensory stimulation.

This will be the first of many learning opportunities as we begin our education journey for this school year!

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