In the coming weeks, our schools will be hosting parents and guardians at annual School Open House events. This is an important opportunity for families to experience the learning environment that surrounds their children each day and to make connections with teachers and staff.

The beginning of a new school year represents an important milestone for every child. Sharing the excitement and celebration of a new year helps reinforce high academic expectations. School Open House is a first step for parents and guardians to get involved in the education of their children.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR with these upcoming Open House dates:

  • Georgia Elementary School (PreK-4) – Wednesday, September 19th: 6-7pm 
  • Georgia Middle School (5-8) – Wednesday, September 26th: 5:30-7pm
  • Fletcher Elementary School (PreK-6) – Thursday, September 27th: 5-6:30pm –          Come for the Lasagna Dinner!
  • BFA Fairfax (PreK-12) – Thursday, October 4th: 6:30-8pm

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