Middle Schoolers Embrace Autumn Outdoor Learning

In the life of every school, there special activities and events that become embedded elements in the overall rhythm of our educational communities. These traditions uniquely reflect the interests of a collective group of students and staff. We are also reminded that learning can be fun and filled with joy.

At BFA Middle School, students eagerly mark the beginning of the school year and the coming of autumn with two field trips. The sixth graders hike Sunset Ridge Trail to the top of Mount Mansfield along with their teachers and parent chaperones. It is always a memorable day where students get to experience firsthand the beauty of the Green Mountain State. This outdoor learning experience seamlessly integrates geology, geography, orienteering, botany, history, and each student is challenged to reach the highest point in Vermont.

“I always enjoy hearing from students after the hike about their experience. The look on their face as they explain what they witnessed on top of the mountain is priceless. We are so fortunate to live in such a magnificent place.” ~  Principal Tom Walsh.

A second tradition is the seventh grade annual class trip to Northern Lights Rock and Ice in Essex. This year the weather was perfect, and students, staff, and parents had the opportunity to experience low and high elements. Participants challenge themselves and support their classmates through a series of physical and team building challenges. Relationships which are built on the course, naturally transfer into the classroom. Most importantly, this event marks the beginning of a two-year learning journey for middle school students of Fairfax and Fletcher (Fletcher students begin attending BFA Fairfax in seventh grade), The experience lays a strong foundation for student success, while developing middle-school memories that will last for years to come.

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