Meet George Blue. This is a pen name for an 8th grade poet and student at Georgia Middle School who recently created his first eBook. George participated in a three-week poetry writing seminar with his Language Arts teachers Mary Bove and Nan Mildrum. At the end of the seminar, George took some of his poetry and using his iPad, he “played around” with an e-book application to create his own book of poetry.

The eBook Oceans was the result. The book can be accessed on Ms. Bove’s 8th Grade Language Arts page.

George’s first book may not be error free, but is a great example of a student’s enthusiasm and time investment leading to a new use of technology. It is exciting that the first eBook published at GEMS was a student-driven effort. George approached Technology Integrationist Dayle Payne, and Digital Learning Specialist Angelique Fairbrother, for publication help and he has offered to serve as a student assistant for others who want to create their own books.

Here is a snapshot of George Blue’s work:

What an excellent way to build a library of student-published work!

One thought on “Introducing “George Blue”, Georgia Middle School’s Newest Poet

  1. Really nice to see student’s work being published. I hope George Blue is proud of his/her work. I will take a look now at the product.


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