This week, BFA Fairfax High School students participated in a school-wide assembly with representatives from the Kony 2012 Invisible Children organization. The event, developed by Global English teachers Sara Villenueve and Will Brooks along with Principal Mike Clark, addressed the following Enduring Understanding: Change is possible through Question, Persistence and Advocacy.  The assembly was a continuation of the work begun last year by the Multimedia and Society class, who first discovered the Kony 2012 documentary and initiated a project to promote awareness to the BFA Fairfax student body.

Young, dynamic speakers from Invisible Children shared their mission to bring about a permanent end to atrocities in East and Central Africa perpetrated by Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Rebel leader Kony and the LRA have been committing crimes since 1987. They have abducted an estimated 66,000 children for the purpose of forcing them to be child slaves and LRA soldiers.

Randy, a college student from Philadelphia, explained that through the power of a student’s voice, the vision of bringing Kony to justice in 2012 can become reality. In a moving first-hand account, Jane from Uganda shared the violence she personally experienced by Kony’s LRA which nearly led to her death, and took the lives of her father and other family members. She was part of a group of children taken from a bus and suffered severe wounds, barely escaping with her life. Today she is a college student in Uganda sponsored by Invisible Children.

As our students learn to become involved in the global community through youth advocacy and action, young citizens recognize the tremendous impact they can have in bringing about positive change. Their voice matters!

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