Learning to Drive in the Digital Age

Have you ever wondered how driver’s education has changed since the days you were in school?

We are pleased to report that new innovations in technology have resulted in significant improvements in the BFA Fairfax Driver’s Education program. What has not changed is the importance of strong student/parental partnerships and reflective assessment – both of which continue to be essential to the success of our young drivers.

It is critical that parents are engaged in the training process of their teen and consistently incorporate the concepts learned in Driver’s Education while at home. Parents are required by the Department of Motor Vehicles to have forty hours of training for their teen prior to scheduling a driver road test.

BFA’s Driver’s Education teacher John Viau has begun using a student’s iPad to record parts of each driving lesson in order to share feedback and recommend improvements with students and their parents. The goal is for parents to support and reinforce the safety training concepts learned in Driver Education with their students during practice drives at home.

The recorded driving sessions also allow students to self-assess and make adjustments, based not only on the instructor’s feedback but also their own observations as well. They help the instructor adapt lessons and assessments based on the individual’s ability to perform the required concepts and tasks.

With 21st Century tools, BFA’s Driver’s Education program is able to support student learning and parental involvement in fresh new ways and bridge the gap between school and home. In the future, Mr. Viau plans to bring the actual driving scenarios from the road into the classroom, so that students can collaboratively critique and problem-solve with each other using their own real-life experiences.

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