BFA Students Learn the Art of Upcycling

TARGET 4  – Engaged Community Partners: FWSU staff and students will collaborate, innovate, create and conceptualize ideas and learning with local, regional, state, and global partners to make a difference in their community, state, and world.

ACTION STEP – Plan and manage instruction around problems relevant to students and their community and develop solutions for authentic audiences.

Students in Mrs. Garland’s Art 1 Classes spent the past two Friday mornings working with a visiting artist, Lise-Anne Cooledge of “Happy Caps VT”.

Students pose with Visiting Artist

On the first day, students created illustrations in a circular design, and colored with Sharpie Marker.  The images were scanned and opened in Publisher, then shrunk down to a one inch circle.  Photo quality images were made at Staples.

On the second day, students cut out the circles individually with a one inch hole punch, then glued the mini images into the center of unused bottle caps.  A sticker of epoxy was placed over the artwork.  (The artist also uses liquid epoxy).  From there, students were able to turn their caps into pendants, earrings, rings, key chains, magnets and pet tags.  The concept of Upcycling was discussed, where an object is repurposed with another use.  Lise-Anne uses stretchy head bands as necklaces, another example of this idea.

As you can see by the photos, a great time was had by all. Students even asked Mrs. Garland later in the day if the class could do this again!  Artist stipend and materials were paid for by an Enrichment Fund grant.


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