The Children’s Tribute to The Great American Flag

Target 1 – Student-Centered Learning: FWSU students will engage in personalize learning involving collaborative inquiry, problem solving and creative learning opportunities.

Action Step – Highlight, create and model innovative learning opportunities that promote collaborative, inquiry  problem solving and creativity for students and staff.

Leading up to Election Day and Veteran’s Day, BFA Art Teacher Carol Keszey worked with over 100 fourth and fifth graders to celebrate this very special country we live in.  Students were asked to brainstorm special places in America. Their responses ranged from the Capitol, to Disney World, to their homes and trees in their own backyard.

Using red, white, and blue construction paper, scissors, and glue, the children created their own individual three-dimensional paper sculpture to depict a significant and meaningful place in America.

The process took considerable planning, creativity, and problem solving. 104 individual sculptures needed to be combined into a single American flag with 13 red and white stripes representing the original thirteen colonies, and 50 stars which stand for the fifty United States.

Students gained a new understanding of the motto E Pluribus Unum – “out of many, one”. “Out of many, we create one large, beautiful piece of art work”, said Carol Keszey.  The flag also a great reminder of the unity that is created from our individual diversity.

“In their flag are the symbols of all the things that children identified as special in our country. Their images combine to create a very moving and powerful symbol of our country.”

Today on Veteran’s Day, we honor those who have served and sacrificed to preserve our freedoms. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “The Children’s Tribute to The Great American Flag

  1. this is a fantastic project and it’s great to look at it in the elementary! lets hope it can stay up for a while, there is so much to look at on it! Great job Elementary!


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