Target 1: Student Centered Learning – FWSU students will engage in personalized learning involving collaborative inquiry, problem-solving and creative learning opportunities.

Action Step – Highlight, create and model innovative learning opportunities that promote collaborative inquiry, problem-solving and creativity for students and staff.

Through exploration, building, questioning, observing and hypothesizing Georgia PreK school students become active Scientists as they participate in a science inquiry at the Georgia Elementary School.

Incorporating STEM practice in early education allows students to put ideas into action and reflect on their learning.  They are active, engaged, collaborative, members of their community and each student has the opportunity to share their voice. The link between early education and STEM is indisputable.  Early exposure supports students overall academic growth and embeds basic science dispositions of questioning and predicting.

“There are no greater natural scientists and engineers than young children”

 It comes down to allowing children to learn as they play, and play as they learn!

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