Fletcher Elementary School Celebrates Day # 65

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one learned in school.”
Albert Einstein

Education is a journey that lasts lifetime for all of us. Some of us remember specific lessons, projects, or activities from our days in class. They stand out because of the importance the subject matter or perhaps the connection we had with our teachers on that particular day. However over the course of our years in schools we spent thousands of days in school learning. Many days just fade into a blur of the overall classroom experience. As a teacher, you can never anticipate just when a learning moment will be become forever captured in a child’s imagination – a day that will stand out from the rest.

Today we wanted to look at day 65 at Fletcher Elementary School. Will this day be “one of those days” to be remembered for a lifetime by our students?


5th Grade Teacher Matt Bressler introduces students to a new “app” for working with fractions.


The front of the school is always the heart of the school. Like all the others, today the office was filled with bloody noses, early dismissals, parent visitors, tardy students, and teachers checking in to say “hi.”

fes3Morning meeting starts the day on a positive note for our students  The children reviewed the agenda before they hit the ground running.


The school meal chefs prepare freshly-made bread-sticks for our students. The sweet smell of baking bread permeated the building this morning!
fes5Students personalized their learning, collaborating with one another using their iPads.

fes6PE class winds down after a class filled with activity.

fes7Librologist Emily DiGiulio catches up on some work in between student visits to the library.

fes8Snowflake Bentley provides the catalyst for this students’ Writers Workshop assignment.


An adult asks, “Why is that pumpkin in a fish tank?” A preschooler says, “It’s not in a fish tank, it is in a Pumpkin Tank!” Proof-positive of a creative and imaginative thinkers in Fletcher Elementary School.

Learning is happening all around the school, and it is a great day at FES!

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