Focused Professional Learning Day for FWSU Educators

A very cold Martin Luther King Day marked the final inservice of the year for FWSU teachers and paraprofessional staff. The morning started off with a keynote presentation by Superintendent Ned Kirsch. It also included brief remarks by Fairfax School Board Chair Elaine Carpenter and Director of Curriculum Mary Lynn Riggs.

inservice 1

The remainder of the day was devoted to giving teachers time to work in Vertical Teams, developing and refining their common assessments. Paraprofessionals attended specific workshops focused on early literacy, digital tools for mathematics, and behavioral support. Staff were encouraged to offer their feedback and ideas with colleagues throughout the day using Twitter #FWSU.

Here are some of the top tweets shared by our educators:

  • #FWSU #MLK nservice @EducateVT reminds us that “Teachers are the Faces and Facilitators of Change.” #vted
  • “Teachers have the greatest purpose…knowledge creators…helping students to be dream ready”@betavt at FWSU Inservice
  • #MLK Day Inservice highlights the importance of collaboration, innovation, and creativity – preparing all students to pursue dreams!
  • Seeing some cool stuff and bouncing ideas. #FWSU
  • Benefits of “Think Time” levels the cognitive playing field @FWSU Inservice
  • Ensuring we can build (learning) bridges that our children can cross w/ Early Childhood educators @FWSU Inservice.
  • #FWSU Inservice – “Whatever you do keep moving.” #MLK

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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