FES Kindergarten Students Collaborate and Become Block Artists

Who would think that simply playing with unit blocks can translate into a deep understanding of math and science skills? The kindergarten children in Jenny Blackman’s classroom had fun last week building and creating with blocks, all the while applying math and science learning. They became block artists!


Mrs. Blackman says, “My goal is to design my curriculum and classroom environment so that children discover key skills and concepts and applied those skills and concepts in a play-based setting.”


Complex and collaborative Block Play promotes the development of creative thinking and problem solving, social skills, language development, and motor skills. Children must work together to design, sort, and embellish their ideas when building collaborative structures.

photo1Their work is the foundation of mathematics and science inquiry as learning about proportion, balance, and angles become central to their problem solving.


Construction play is a childhood experience which allows children to experiment and explore creative problem solving using real objects. Block Play presents endless learning opportunities for these young artists!

2 thoughts on “FES Kindergarten Students Collaborate and Become Block Artists

  1. Wow! I have Keva blocks at home for my boys, and they are amazing! A bit pricey but the size offers so many interesting and beautiful structures.


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