BFA-Fairfax 7th Grade Make Cranes for Peace

Target 2 – Leadership in a Student Centered Learning Environment: FWSU will foster development of teacher & student leaders who provide innovative opportunities for local and global student-centered learning.

Action Step – Ensure students and staff take an active role shaping their learning using rich, authentic questions, problems they identify, & diverse resources.


Students in the 7th grade at BFA Fairfax have been studying World War II, and recently read the book Hiroshima by Laurence Yep. This novella includes the story of the Japanese girl Sadako and her quest to make 1,000 origami paper cranes in an attempt to get her wish – a cure from her radiation sickness. The sickness caused by the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima by the United States at the end of World War II.

photo 2 photo 1 Sadly, Sadako died before she could achieve her goal, but since then students from all around the world have folded paper cranes and sent them to Hiroshima.  As many as 10 million cranes are sent each year.  The ultimate aim is that the cranes be a wish for peace, and that the atomic weapon may never be used 4 photo Fairfax 7th graders decided to fold and send paper cranes of their own this year.  High school seniors Veronica Palermo and Sally Parizo helped Mrs. Wills’ and Mrs. Skerrett’s classes fold over 100 origami cranes that are being mailed to the Children’s Peace Monument in Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, Japan. There, they will be strung on wires and displayed for the more than one million tourists who visit the Hiroshima memorial each year. photo5 photo 3

High school art teacher Emily Garland also gave her time, supplies, and expertise to help make this project a success.  In addition, Mrs. Wills’ students wrote haiku about the Pacific Theater in World War II, and those poems are being mailed out as well.  Here is one example:

By Hallie Hoffman
Grade 7

One thousand paper
Cranes from all around the world
Gathering for peace

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