Target 3Flexible Learning Environments: FWSU will maximize flexible learning environments by redefining the school day, promoting learning experiences that extend beyond the school classroom, and fostering creativity, innovation, and differentiated learning opportunities for all.

Action Step -Provide students w/ access to content, resources, and methods for learning beyond the school day and beyond the school walls.

Mr. Lane’s High School Botany Class Montreal Botanical Gardens

Mr.Tom Lane’s High School Botany class visited the Montreal Botanical Gardens recently as part of their embedded study of plant families. While touring the Botanical Gardens they were able to visit the “Butterflies Go Free” exhibit (at the Botanical Gardens through March).

Students used their knowledge of the Linnaean taxonomy, a form of biological classification, that allows for plants to be placed in groups.

lane 5
Agave at Montreal Botanical Gardens, photo by Shalena 

Students used their knowledge of plant classification characteristics to identify the features of representative plant species from at least 30 different families.

lane 2
Nate  with Payton and Nick  examine Spanish moss at Montreal Botanical Gardens.
lane 4
Blue Morpho Butterfly at Montreal Botanical Gardens, photo by Nikki .

While observing the beautiful flowering plants butterflies flit about the room. It is not unusual for butterflies to land on your clothing. You also have to be very careful not to step on them while walking through the greenhouse.

lane 3
Lyndsay, Clay , Jordan  and Scott consider how to reach hanging bananas at Montreal Botanical Gardens

Students greatly enjoyed this unique up-close learning experience!

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