BFA Students Compete in Poetry Out Loud

POL_pngPoetry Out Loud is a nationwide recitation contest involving several hundred-thousand high school students representing all fifty states.

On March 13th, students from thirty-eight high schools throughout the state competed at the Barre Opera House in front of a standing-room-only audience. The format featured two rounds with eighteen competitors. After each student recited two poems, the five highest-scoring reciters from each group moved on to the finals.

Vermont’s Poetry Out Loud winner receives an expense-paid trip to Washington, DC in April to compete against the winners from 49 other states. We are proud that nearly 60 BFA students took part in this year’s competition. Although our students did not win the state competition, BFA students have certainly ranked well over the years, demonstrating both the skill and dynamic presence to captivate their audience.

Group Pic

Our BFA statewide competitors, pictured from left to right: Sierra Benoit (1st), Matt LaRose (3rd), Mara Ormerod (2nd)

“It is a brilliant way to learn about poetry, to build confidence in public speaking; it engages students in Performing Arts who otherwise would not participate.”  

–Fred Griffin, High School English Teacher

Here is a wonderful video which elaborates on the meaning of poetry and why it matters.

Sierra Benoit had this to say about her experience:

“Poetry Out Loud means communicating in a very different way. It has made me more confident. I learned that poetry isn’t just words on a piece of paper. I am able to bring thoughts and feelings to life.”

Congratulations to Sierra, Matt, and Mara – and to all the other students who shared their poetry!

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