Superintendent Kirsch Shares Korean Experiences from Afar


As many of our readers may know, our Superintendent, Ned Kirsch, is currently in South Korea. He was selected for a Spring Fellowship in Korean Studies sponsored by the Korea Society. The program is made possible by financial support from the Freeman Foundation and the Academy of Korean Studies. Among the many reasons for this exciting opportunity, is to aide FWSU and other Vermont schools as our communities are redefined from local to global.

korea_nedEvery day, Ned Kirsch is writing about his learning experiences and professional reflections through his blog – Two Weeks in Korea. There are already some insightful posts and we invite you virtually connect and learn more about the schooling, culture, and society of far-away Korea.

Don’t miss it!


4 thoughts on “Superintendent Kirsch Shares Korean Experiences from Afar

  1. We like how you put the signs up and had us guess what they are. Did you find out what the signs really meant? The flash mob was Awesome! It was really cool how it kept getting bigger and bigger. We reallly liked the song.
    Do you know how to pronounce Korean words?
    Mrs. Pinault’s Social Studies class with Mrs. Brown


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