GEMS Middle School Playwrights Weave Creative Drama

Recently GEMS 6th students worked hard to develop two dramatic productions as part of a playwright class. Both plays were skillfully written by students and then adapted for student performances. The class teaches students how to write plays and develop important skills such as speaking and performing before an audience, as well as the basics of bringing drama to life.

Cast of Birthday Wishes

The 6th Grade cast of “Birthday Wishes” written by student-playwright Leanne Lewber. The play centers around a child who receives a birthday wish to be transported to Candy Land – and then must find their way back home!

Students spent weeks learning the scripts and memorizing their lines. After many rehearsals, students invited their classmates, teachers, and parents to attend their performances.

Cast of Pegasi, Unicorns, Very Old President

The 6th Grade cast of “Pegasi, Unicorns, and a Very Old President” written by student-playwright Hazel Douglass-Biddle. This futuristic work features the story of several disenfranchised individuals who must enlist the help of others to once again become part of society.

Congratulations to the students for all of their work – both plays were a success!

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