FWSU Teacher Evaluation Work Moves into Final Stages

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The FWSU Evaluation Committee is in the final stages of developing a new evaluation system for all professional staff members. The committee has been working diligently since October to develop a system that meets the needs of a digital-age learning environment.The committee started its work with a research review, both theoretical and practical. The committee has also explored and studied other evaluations systems within our geographic area and also across the United States.


The committee early on in the process decided to base their work on the following beliefs:

  • A belief that Student Learning requires consistent focus on the needs and results of the learner
  • A belief that our Teacher Evaluation Plan must be accountability-oriented as well as focused on teacher and school improvement
  • A belief that we must meet the personal and professional development needs of the adult learner in order to realize faculty improvement

The basis for the formation of the group was in response to the FWSU Board of Directors asking for a comprehensive review of our teacher evaluation model. They charged the administration to make adjustments or revisions where necessary with a focus on measuring student growth and student outcomes.

photo (37)

The new model will be ready implemented, after approval by the FWSU Board of Directors meeting in June, at the start of the 2013/2014 school year. Here are just some of the highlights of what the new system will include:

  1. New professional performance rubrics  including a rubric on family and community engagement.
  2. Yearly observations and evaluations of all teachers through the use of the mini-observation model.
  3. Online professional portfolio.
  4. Peer to peer collaborative feedback.

Once approved, the committee will begin the process of introducing the new system to all professional staff prior to the end of the school year.

photo (38)The committee is comprised of the following individuals – Bev Briggs (FES), Janet E. Cerro (FES), Karen Garrett (GEMS), Phil Gulizio (GEMS), Melinda Carpenter (BFA), Tom Walsh (BFA), Mary Lynn Riggs (FWSU), Rachelle LeVau (BFA/FWSU Board) and Ned Kirsch (FWSU).

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