FWSU Launches New Teacher Evaluation Committee

Teacher evaluation at FWSU has been based on the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching for the past 8 years. It is a system used extensively throughout Vermont and the United States. The model evaluates teacher effectiveness in and out of the classroom. It has been a very good system.

Two years ago the FWSU Board of Directors asked for a comprehensive review of our teacher evaluation model, and charged us to make adjustments or revisions where necessary with a focus on measuring student growth and student outcomes.

This week, we formed a team of educators and administrators from all schools in FWSU to begin work on this important task.  The committee is comprised of the following individuals – Bev Briggs (FES), Janet E. Cerro (FES), Karen Garrett (GEMS), Phil Gulizio (GEMS), Melinda Carpenter (BFA), Tracey Godin (FES), Tom Walsh (BFA), Mary Lynn Riggs (FWSU), and Ned Kirsch (FWSU).

We began the process with a review of current literature and research  regarding teacher evaluation to build a common understanding of best practice. We then introduced the Appreciative Inquiry process to guide our work. It allows for the committee to build on the successes of our current system amd make the next system even better.

As work of the FWSU Evaluation Committee continues, more information will be shared.

3 thoughts on “FWSU Launches New Teacher Evaluation Committee

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