Target 1. Student-Centered Learning – FWSU students will engage in personalized learning involving collaborative inquiry, problem solving and creative learning opportunities.

Action Step –  Increase easily accessible opportunities for global collaboration for teachers and students.

photo (69)
Class photo

For the second consecutive night, students from FWSU – specifically BFA Elementary School – communicated in a live class with their partner classrooms in South Korea. Students have been working together on projects, in a virtual environment, all spring. The program was sponsored by IVECA – The Center for International Virtual Schooling. IVECA is non-profit organization that is committed to promoting cultural competence in schools all over the world. FWSU schools are the first in Vermont to work with this esteemed program which has been recognized by the United Nations.

photo (67)
Answering questions from South Korea

In addition to working on projects together, the students also became friends.

“By promoting Intercultural Competence, IVECA helps students to communicate with one another in different cultures and countries. The program provides a virtual environment that enables students to share subject matters and socialize within the program,” stated IVECA Executive Director Dr. Eunhee Jung.

photo (9)
Kendra Myers leading a class discussion with our partner school in South Korea

A highlight of the evening was watching students form Korea and BFA display their musical talents, including a dance recital from our Korean friends featuring Gangnam Style.

photo (11)
A duet!
photo 2
Saxophone demonstration by Kieran

The program at BFA was made possible by the outstanding work of teachers Sandy Brown, Kendra Myers, Rhonda Siemons, and Principal Tom Walsh. These teachers’ work epitomized the FWSU Action Plan goal of Global Collaboration as well as Student-Centered Learning.

To learn more about South Korea and their education system check out these resources:

Two Weeks In Korea

South Korean vs. U.S. Education: New Report Examines Key Differences


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