Day 178 @ BFA — Last Day!

photo (71)

It is great being a senior at BFA!

Today was the last day of school at BFA Fairfax. 178 days have just slipped by and summer now has officially arrived for our students. For our seniors at BFA, today was their last day to roam our hallowed halls as students.

photo (78)

“Peace out BFA!”

While our seniors were getting ready for graduation tomorrow and what lies ahead for them, that was not the case for our undergrads. Many students spent the day taking exams and  making sure their schedules were ready for next year.

photo (82)

Students in Mr. Brook’s class excited to done with their final

photo (72)

Not all students were as happy – French final

The excitement in the middle and high school was evident; it was little more subdued in the elementary school. This was the first year for Principal Walsh working with elementary students, and it was an experience that only comes once in a work life. Connections with all students, no matter what grade, is vitally important  But the connections with our youngest learners are extra special.

photo (81)

Saying goodbye is never easy when school ends.

Mr. Walsh was not the only new face this year in the elementary school.  We had several new teachers who made it through the year with smiles until the last day.

photo (77)

Ms. Minor completing her first year pictured with two of her “former” students.

The connections made with our office staff  is also tremendously important to the functioning of our school.  Each day they are the first face of our school. They help us in every way from finding a lost backpack to putting Band-Aids on when the nurse may be handling a more serous issue. We all would be lost without them!

photo (79)

Mrs. French and a few new additions to her garden

The last day is also a busy day for our school maintenance staff. Not only will they be starting the longer summer cleanup, they are also busily prepearing for tomorrow’s graduation.

photo (80)

Chairs, chairs and more chairs!

photo (74)

A tent is rising in center field.

After a very busy and successful year (and day!!) the halls are now eerily quiet. Signs of a school year completed are everywhere.  photo (75)

photo (76)

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