FES Students Glad to be Back!

The images of school during the first week are always heartwarming…

photo (33)  BONNIE    FES BLOG

In Fletcher, children were happy to meet their new principal, Mrs. Poe. They returned her smile with a warm welcome.

Math Exploration 8-30   FES

It didn’t take long for 1st graders to settle into the routines of school and to begin their learning. Children were quickly stetched out on the rug in their new classroom to beginning math exploration with pattern blocks.

photo (22)Others worked to create the perfect self-portrait.  This one was complete with a blue mohawk to commemorate a special hairdo for the first day.

photo (34) Down the hall, older students quickly settled into a geology inquiry-  working together to use their resources and to carefully observe.

Photo 25  Gracie with snake

And perhaps the most vivid image of the day brought surprise and laughter.  With a sparkle in her eye and a smile on her face, a 4th grader greeted her teacher and gleefully tossed a life-like plastic snake into her hands.  A perfect joke,   since a real snake had slithered  into her classroom the day before and caused quite an uproar.

Typical of the poise and skill of any elementary teacher,  the real snake’s classroom visit was brief.  It  was gently escorted out the door behind a handy broom,  and students continued with their end-of-the day routine!   We never miss a beat in FWSU!

It is wonderful to be back – childen share such a sense of joy!

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