BFA Fairfax Seeks Host Families for 4th Annual China Camp!

BFA Fairfax is excited to participate in its 4th annual Chinese Cultural Exchange Camp.  This two-week program offers English language immersion for Chinese students and an amazing cultural education opportunity for BFA students and families. And we need your help!

Nature Center

China Camp 2013


Visiting Chinese students explore Shelburne Farms

In order to make this program possible BFA must secure host families now for approximately 30 visiting Chinese students and two Chinese teachers. The commitment is simple: house two students for two weeks, and receive a stipend of $200 per student to help with expenses. These students are in school during weekdays from 8am-5pm.

The two-week exchange will take place in July 2014. Transportation is available.  Don’t have an extra bed? One can be provided!  Have a previous engagement during the exchange? We can help find a temporary housing while you are away!  We are happy to accommodate your needs.

If you are even a little bit intrigued, please take the next step and ask any questions that may have. Many families that have hosted in the past would be happy to share their experiences with you. The program depends on the continued support of our community!

vbrown“My American classmates and I would mentor Chinese students. My new friends were fascinating! Every time I taught them an English word, they’d teach me the Chinese version. We were learning together. Yumy and Jojo had quickly become much more than my mentees, classmates and friends; they felt like family.” – Victoria Brown, Sophomore & 2013 Student Mentor and Host Family

You might be surprised at just how much of a difference this opportunity makes in the lives of the students and families with a simple exchange of culture, ideas, and friendship. Host families must be secured by October 31, 2013 to make this program possible, so act now and make plans to welcome these visiting students into our community!

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity. Learn more by contacting Sara Villeneuve or Rachelle LeVau.

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