Leadership – By Word and By Deed

Today we celebrate the BFA-Fairfax Girls Cross Country Team and the student leaders that led that team to their position as Division III State Champions.

BFA Blog #6 team

What is the leadership behind a winning team?

Coach Griffin describes the power of leadership on his teams:  “Prior to running, as far as a week away, psychological preparations begin. Negative thoughts, anxieties, and yes, fears, must be answered with positive thoughts, spoken affirmations, unshakeable purpose, unswerving direction. Our leaders do this day in and day out, creating an atmosphere of confidence and conviction. This cannot be underestimated.”


“Once the race begins the time for words is over. Because running races begin in  a mass start, the girls pretty much understand where they are in the field and what has to be done. It is an individual sport yes, but at all times runners work in relation to others. They need to assess the situation, and on the run, they make adjustments, translate a sense of urgency into detached decision-making, and then summon the will to do what has to be done.”

BFA Blog CC #3

The problem-solving, communication, and habits of mind that we value in our classrooms are equally valued on our sports teams. They are essential for high functioning teams and high functioning student athletes. We believe that our students should set the standard for sportsmanship and citizenship – it is part of who were are.

Thinking like a leader….Chace Carpenter, Captain of BFA CC Team

“Leadership means being accountable for everyone on the team, making sure they are feeling ok and are on task.  It means always trying your best and leading by example. It means taking into account other people’s perspective and making decisions that are best for the team.

Being a leader has forced me to step up and work harder, it has helped me to branch out and talk to everyone. It has meant working more with adults and coaches when there are issues to resolve. It has also helped me to plan out activities and to think ahead more with jobs and tasks that need to be done for the team.”

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