BFA Students Experience African French Culture

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BFA students in Ms. Poulin’s French 2 class recently had a unique opportunity to experience a field trip as part of a focus on French-speaking culture in Africa. Students were thrilled to connect with Jean Luc Dushime’ while he was in Burlington presenting his photo exhibits at the BCA Center and New Moon Cafe.


Jean Luc is a professional photographer and multimedia producer. Born in Rwanda, he grew up between the D.R.Congo and the Republic of Congo and now resides in the US. His past as a survivor of multiple wars and massacres inspired him to explore human behavior through visual arts, exploring issues of identity, acculturation, and integration. Jean Luc is an experienced motivational speaker and enjoys mentoring young people.

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As part of the discovery of the cultural tradition of dance and drumming in Western Africa, students took a dance class with Bennicent Abgozie from Ghana. He shared some of the signing and percussive traditions of his country, and taught the students choreography. Throughout the class, he spoke about dance and music as a means of raising cultural awareness, creating a sense of community, and having fun at the same time!

“We enjoyed meeting Jean Luc to have lunch and talk about his life. Jean Luc Dushime is a photographer from Rwanda, who travelled 1000 miles by foot to escape from the genocide. When he came to the United States he became very interested in photography and snowboarding. He was such a genuine, relatable, and funny guy. We all came up with a question in French. After having many conversations and laughs with Jean, it was time to say goodbye.” – one student’s perspective

Click the photo below to see the discussion that students enjoyed with Jean Luc over lunch at the New Moon Cafe.

The trip was a resounding success as students made lifelong learning connections.

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