BFA Celebrates the Season by Sending Holiday Cheer to Troops

Target 4 – Engaged Community Partners.  FWSU staff and students will collaborate, innovate, create and conceptualize ideas and learning with local, regional, state, and global partners to make a difference in their community, state, and world.

Action Step – Develop partnerships with global partners to carry out a project related to units of study.

Indicator of Success – Collaborative student projects/partnerships become part of the fabric of the broader community.

Earlier this week, BFA Elementary and Middle School students joined together to participate in the annual Red Cross initiative to acknowledge members of the military who are serving our country throughout the world.


During this special holiday season, these cards send a message of care and a “touch of home” to countless veterans, military families, and active-duty service members around the world.


Students and staff met to draw, color, eat cookies, hear holiday music, and show their gratitude to those who proudly serve our nation.



Students generated over 500 cards as they raised awareness of our service-members’ dedicated contributions across the globe.  


Our staff and students wish to say “thank you!” to our troops and their families, both here in our community and around the world! 

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