Today we celebrate our 273rd post on the Franklin West Supervisory Union blog!

Why is it important to celebrate? We realize that this milestone might not hold particular meaning other than it demonstrates our firm commitment to communicate important news and information about our schools with our community.

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We are extremely proud of the work that is happening in the classroom each day! This blog offers a unique opportunity for us to explore and celebrate that work and share how it relates to our district goals and our district action plan.

At first look, our district goals seem quite simple. Yet we believe they hold deep meaning and unlock rich potential for the success of every student. We believe that each of the three goals – Equity, Digital-Age Learning, and High Performance – establishes a solid foundation for our students’ future.

equityIn addition to our goals, we also highlight our Action Plan each day. Our targets of personalized learning, leadership, engaged community partners and flexible learning environments allow for our students to acquire the skills necessary to thrive in modern society. Read through our blog archives and you will see amazing stories of everyday life in our classrooms and communities.

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And that is the reason we are celebrating with blog post #273 today! Our schools, our teachers, our parents, our students, and our communities deserve our recognition for the great work they do everyday – especially on a cold and snowy December afternoon!


1 thought on “#273

  1. Congratulations, FWSU, and well done! Communications is a truly important endeavor and well worth the investment.

    And readers, remember that communications—by definition!—is interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information. It is everyone’s responsibility … not just that of FWSU! By creating and committing to outreach efforts, FWSU is extending a hand to its community and encouraging dialogue and the exchange of important ideas and discussion. Partner with them in education—they cannot do it alone!


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