image (10)
Writing side-by-side, students chat about their work and develop their own book ideas.

Kindergarten Teacher Jennifer Blackman has been using a Writer’s Workshop approach in her classroom. 

image (9)
This little boy bought his own stapler so he could make books at home, too!

The great thing about this approach is that students choose their own topics, write about subjects they are excited about, and are able to spend time finishing or continuing their projects for as long as they want.

Helping each other is part of the fun!

We have student-authored books about fire safety, a treasure map for classmates to follow, a labeled mask, a biography of Cleopatra, and a report about the planets, to name just a few!

image (2)
One student made a ” book hat” for each member of the class.

Students are increasingly excited about becoming authors, as well as motivated to learn the mechanics of writing. Beyond the morning writing block, the kindergarteners also choose to write during free time and at home.

image (3)
A young author weaves a story about monsters!

The children are excited to share their writing with friends and adults at school.

image (5)
Students enjoy showing others what they have written at lunch…

A guest teacher recently reported that students complained when their writing time seemed too short!

image (4)
…even the Principals Office is filled with smiling faces of young authors sharing their writing!

These young learners LOVE to write!

2 thoughts on “FES Develops Kindergarten Authors

  1. This is very exciting! It is wonderful to see our youngest students enthused about writing and viewing themselves as authors. They’re choosing topics that interest them, making their own books, and writing for authentic purposes. Wow! I feel their enthusiasm when I see these photos and comments. Kudos to Ms. Blackman for moving forward with a fabulous writing workshop! 😉


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