BFA Consumer Math Comes to Life with School Store

Ms. Coughlin’s Consumer Math class is excited to announce the grand opening of a new school store called “The Armory”. Alex Nairmore, Michaela Jörling, Shawn Caswell and Katelyn Whitaker, all seniors at BFA Fairfax, were preparing to take a field trip to experience consumerism first-hand when they were struck with the idea of opening a school store.

photo 2

The field trip turned into purchasing items students would buy and need, and within two weeks the store was up-and-running. It is open for business during support block every day, and soon hopes to expand with a mobile cart to the middle school cafeteria.

photo 4

The students hope to develop their inventory if sales go well, and they are open to ideas on what to carry. The students want to recognize Jason Smith and Natalie Coughlin for helping make this happen.

photo 1

Here are just a few of the things BFA teachers and students are saying about “The Armory.”

“Where else can you get little tiny koala bears but the school store? And, on a more professional note, I see that all of the students are engaged in this authentic learning opportunity.” – Mark Ladue, Math Teacher


“Every time I look in the store if feels like I’m in Hawaii. There are leis and beach balls and fun things everywhere.”– Karan Saini, BFA Junior


“I feel like it’s exciting and brings some kind of school spirit. I think it brings people together.” –Michaela Jörling



“It feels like we have success in this store. I love shopping on Amazon for things to sell.”–Shawn Caswell


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