The BFA-Fairfax Middle School Geo-Bee team won the Vermont State Championship in
Northfield earlier this month. Geo-Bee is an annual team geography competition sponsored by the Vermont Principals Association.

GeoBee 2014 Photo

BFA’s team included 8th graders Harry Schukei, Ryan Parker, Nathan Bruning, and
Lillian Eastman; and 7th graders Shane Seals and Elias Davis. Harry and Nathan were
also members of the 2012 team that also won a state championship. They are coached by
teachers Jenn Skerrett and Mary Fitzgerald.

The students met twice a week after school from March through the competition to prepare. Preparation includes a lot of study time at home and support from parents. Students needed to learn so much more than just the names of places and capitols; rivers, deserts, mountain ranges, products and native animals expand the topics. A current events category leads to much speculation year-to-year. Then there is everyone’s favorite question, “ Where is America’s Stonehenge?” 

To study and learn the vast quantity of facts that are possible questions we use ‘old school’ resources such as atlases; as well as new innovations, such as,, and the GeoQuiz app.

Two of the four teams competing at the state championships were from FWSU: both BFA Fairfax and GEMS won their regional competitions on May 3.

Congrats to BFA and GEMS teams!

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