BFA Driver Educator John Viau Receives Award for Excellence

Target 1 – Student-Centered Learning. FWSU students will engage in personalize learning involving collaborative inquiry, problem solving and creative learning opportunities.

Action Step – Highlight, create and model innovative learning opportunities that promote collaborative inquiry, problem solving and creativity for students and staff.

Indicator of Success – Students and staff will apply existing knowledge to create original works as a means of personal or group expression.


BFA Driver Education Teacher John Viau was recognized as Vermont Driver Education Teacher of the Year, and he has been nominated for national recognition by the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA) for his innovative teaching strategies.    John was chosen to showcase his effective use of digital tools, especially his innovative use of  instructional tools in the car that enhance young driver’s knowledge and skills in driver and traffic safety education.  The theme of this year’s National ADTSEA conference is Strategic Planning: Driver Education in the Digital Age, and John Viau has much to add to the conversation.

In the car 2CoachEyeAppAt BFA, students routinely mount their iPad over their right shoulder when they enter the car for driving practice.  John uses the iPad with the Coach’s Eye App to gather evidence and data so that students can analyze their driving skills once they are back in the classroom. Students can then share their own personal driving videos, reflect on their experiences behind the wheel, and practice with their parents.  Students use this digital tool to do analysis and self-assessment of their driving as a regular part of their instruction.


Students also work in groups to create PSA’s to raise awareness about safety issues such as drugged driving, animal hazards, and text driving. Groups of students are charged with creating powerful messages for the community using  podcasts, movie trailers, and presentation software.   They act as responsible citizens, educating their community on safety issues as part of their driver education experience.



John’s work with local law enforcement provides in-class instruction and simulations for students, and it also emphasizes their responsibility as responsible citizens,  a key outcome for all BFA students.

Alcohol Simulation

Congratulations to BFA’s Driver Education Teacher John Viau and BFA students for their innovative practice and their willingness to harness the power of technology to promote traffic safety within our school and community. The world is watching!


BFA Teacher John Viau recognized for excellence.


“Two aspects of John Viau’s practice  were recognized in his selection as Vermont’s Driver Education Teacher of the Year-  John’s alignment of his program with FWSU’s Action Plan and mission statement, and his extensive use of technology in his program.  John is also recognized by others for his leadership and the individual interest he takes in each of his students.”     Lindsay Townsend, VDTSEA Exec Director

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