Target 2 – Leadership in a Student Centered Learning Environment. FWSU will foster development of teacher & student leaders who provide innovative opportunities for local and global student-centered learning.

Action Step –  Provide multiple avenues  for students and staff to lead, advocate, and serve within the school and community.

Indicator of Success – Student voice will have the power to impact the perceptions of others.

BFA HS Peer Mentors 2At the beginning of this year, BFA began plans to train a group of students in basic helping skills, knowing that most students will approach another student before approaching a safe adult. This instruction would allow student leaders to serve as a resource and support for their peers. BFA staff were very excited when an remarkable and enthusiastic group of students volunteered to take up this challenge. Eleven students traveled to the Bishop Booth Conference Center and spent four days over a weekend training, challenging themselves to learn new skills, and growing together as a solid group known as the Elephants – a metaphor for pointing out the elephant in the room.

3BFA HS Peer Mentors 2

Over the past year, this amazing group of students have grown in their support for fellow students and have emerged as leaders in addressing important health issues among their peers. Not only have they supported individual students, but they have presented twice at local school board meetings on important health issues for students. They have helped share health information in freshman support blocks, worked with middle school students, and created and posted health information for their peers. Our Elephants have worked hard to raise their voice and impact issues that truly matter to students in the hopes of improving the community and the lives of students.

BFA HS Peer Mentors 1

“I could not be more proud or humbled by this incredible group of students as they continue to prove that not only are teens capable of taking strong leadership roles in the school, but that adults and students can work together to build a lasting healthy community.” ~ Paul Chapman, BFA Student Support Counselor

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