Target 1 – Student Centered Learning

Indicators of Success:  Students will apply existing knowledge to create original works as a means of personal or group expression.

photo 4

On April 11th, the Georgia Elementary and Middle school celebrated the accomplishments our students have made in art class this year. The school wide art show featured art work from all students in kindergarten through 6th grade and students from the 7th and 8th grade choice art classes.  The entire middle school gym was filled with inspiring and creative work.

collage (8) (2)

The art show ended with a community art night where students and community members shared and created art together.  We are very fortunate to have such talented artists and craftspeople in our local community!

collage (9)

Art teachers Carol Crosby (See her fusion page) and Dorsey Hogg (Click here to visit blog) would  like to thank everyone who helped make this a great day!

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