“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself” – John Dewey 

The end of the year is rapidly approaching in our schools, but  the pace of school life everyday remains the same. While we sometimes view the school year as sprint, it really is much more like a marathon. Below are a few pictures of BFA High School in the midst of the marathon on Day 163.

photo 5 (2)Passing time is a ritual in school that never fades. it is still a time to socialize with friends, visit a locker, stop by the guidance office, or simply walk to class with a friend.

photo 2 (10)

Schools are about relationships. Today two high school students paid a visit to their lunch buddy from elementary school – Mrs. French. Lasting relationships are part of the fabric of our PreK-12 building.

photo (12)The salad bar is fully stocked and waiting for our students to dig in!

photo 1 (10)

Where would we be without our wonderful school support staff? Sally is willing to do just about anything to make sure our school runs smoothly and efficiently for our students and parents. photo 3 (6)

Flexible learning environments and digital tools allow for students to find spaces for learning throughout our school. Here, three students have found a comfortable spot in a hallway to work on assignments. 
photo 1 (9)Community service is an integral part of a high-schooler’s life in school today. The picture above shows a quiet moment before the opening of Red Cross Blood drive, which is sponsored by the National Honor Society.

photo 4 (6)Students in math class working on an independent project to demonstrate proficiency.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

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