This is the second post in a two-part series welcoming our new educators! If you missed part 1, read it here.

SANDRA MOULTON – Grade 6 Teacher at GEMS

moultonHometown: Georgia, VT

Hobbies/Interests:  Family time which includes a lot of sidewalk chalk, finger painting, and playdough at the moment.  Along with outdoor music festivals and hiking. I am an avid runner, hoping to do my 10th marathon in 2016!  I enjoy reading and spending as much time outdoors as I can.

College(s) Attended: University of Vermont, Southern New Hampshire University

Teaching Experience:  Title I/One-on-one/Enrichment at MBES in Colchester, Early Care Advocate with Head Start at the Burlington EEE program and The Burlington Children’s Space, 2nd-6th Grade Teacher at Isle La Motte Elementary School, 3rd-6th Grade Teacher at North Hero Elementary School, Gymnastics Coach.

Quotable: Live. Laugh. Love.

Why Teaching?: For those moments of breakthrough, when you can actually see the light bulb burst with light.  Teaching is my passion, I find such joy in working with people.

BRIAN GARVEY, Spanish Teacher at GEMS

garveyHometown: Richmond, Vermont

Hobbies/Interests: fishing, coffee, traveling, conversation, and baseball!

College(s) Attended: BA Castleton State College – Spanish Education, MA St. Michael’s College –  TESOL (in progress)

Teaching Experience:  Fulbright English Teacher in Medellín, Colombia at La Universidad de San Buenaventura (2014-2015)

Quotable: Why learn about a place when you can GO THERE.

Why Teaching?: I want to inspire others to see the world.

AMY MACBETH, Special Educator at GEMS

Hometown: Milton,VT

Hobbies/Interests: Playing with my girls, reading, hiking

College(s) Attended: Saint Michael’s College – BA; University of Vermont – M.Ed.

Teaching Experience:  9 years as a Special Educator in Milton.

Quotable: She believed she could so she did.

Why Teaching?:  I enjoy the learning process and helping others.

KELSEY FINK, Math Teacher at BFA HS 

finkHometown: Colchester, VT

Hobbies/interests: hiking, running, skiing, biking, swimming, ultimate frisbee, traveling

College attended: Bates College (BA in Mathematics and Psychology)

Teaching experience: I began teaching math (College Algebra, Trigonometry and Contemporary Math) in 2011 at Southern Maine Community College. In 2012 until this year, I taught Geometry and Algebra II at Scarborough High School in Maine. After moving to Vermont this year, I am excited to join the team at BFA Fairfax!

Quotable: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin

Why Teaching?: There is nothing better than seeing kids become adults. They find their passions, ask questions, and begin to take responsibility for their place in this world. Being a part of that transition is amazing. Beyond that, I love helping students challenge themselves in a subject that they have confidence in and build confidence where it might not exist. I love seeing students change their mindsets and accomplish things that they never thought were possible for them.

NICHOLE WALKER – Guidance Counselor at BFA MS

walkerHometown: I am originally from Colchester, Vermont and have just purchased my first home in Colchester this summer.

Hobbies/Interests:  When I am not at work I love to read, ride horses and get as much outside time as I can.

College(s) Attended: I attended UVM for both my undergraduate (2013) and my graduate masters program (2015).

Teaching Experience:  Prior to BFA I worked part time in Essex doing elementary guidance for K-3 for the last half of the 2014-2015 school year.

Quotable: “Do or do not, there is no try” – Yoda

Why Teaching?: I chose teaching, and specifically Counseling because I desired to work with students in a smaller more intimate setting.  Allowing them the space to find and work towards the solutions to their own problems as well as foster their own sense of change.

IAN FLINT – Band Director at BFA HS

flintHometown: I am originally from Hallstead, PA and have been living in Dartmouth, MA for the last 9 years.

Hobbies/Interests: In my free time I enjoy skiing and biking. I also do visual design for High School and College marching bands all throughout the United States.

Colleges: I attended West Chester University of Pennsylvania for my undergraduate degree. I majored in Music Performance with a focus in Tuba. Currently I am pursuing my Masters in Instrumental Conducting from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire.

Teaching Experience: I have work as a district wide brass specialist for the Dartmouth Public Schools in Dartmouth, MA for 6. I also spent 2 years with Westport Public Schools in Westport, MA as the High School music director. I have worked with over 50 high schools as a marching band consultant and have also worked a Penn State University, Boston University, Texas State University and Bloomsburg University.

Why Teaching: I really enjoy working with students at all levels. I like starting them as musicians at the elementary level and seeing them grow over the years.

LESLIE SELLARS – Special Educator at FES

sellarsHometown:  I was born and raised in South Carolina, but am proud to call Fayston, VT my hometown now!

Hobbies: I love to practice ashtanga yoga, ski and ride my purple snowmobile.

College: Undergraduate at Limestone College, and currently studying in the masters program at Johnson State College.

Teaching experience: I am so excited for this year to be my first as a Special Educator.

Quotable: “Namaste”

Why teaching?: I just love to be with children, and helping them succeed!!


metayerHometown:  Fairfax, VT

Hobbies: Cooking, gardening, traveling, reading, yoga

College: University of Vermont

Teaching experience: 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies – Belmont, MA; 6th-8th grade Social Studies – St. David’s Bermuda

Quotable: “It’s not about being your best. It’s about being better than you were yesterday.”

Why teaching?:  My passion for teaching comes from a love of watching people learn.  I am fascinated by the brain and watching those ah-ha moments makes me incredibly happy.  I also believe that for our planet to be a better place, we need to be teaching students about the diversity of the world we live in today.  I am very excited for this position because teaching world geography to 7th grade will be a perfect fit.

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