Target 3. Flexible Learning Environments: FWSU will maximize flexible learning environments by redefining the school day, promoting learning experiences that extend beyond the school classroom, and fostering creativity, innovation, and differentiated learning opportunities for all.

Action Step 4: Increase access to resources for all students using digital tools making learning more accessible for diverse learners.

Indicator of Success: Staff, students and community embrace digital, social, mobile and “always on” learning style of 21st century students.

To provide students with the education they need to thrive in a globally connected world, we must find ways to design, fund, acquire, and maintain the infrastructure that will make connectivity a reality for every teacher and student in every classroom.” Office of Educational Technology, Future Ready Schools

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Our Informational Technology (IT) staff provides the underlying structure to meet the needs of all staff and students. They ensure that FWSU can perform all of the daily operations so all stakeholders can learn together as a networked community. It’s through their hard work and dedication that each of us can carry out each of the four targets in our action plan.


FWSU is fortunate to have a group of hardworking staff members that does all this and more. The IT team includes Jeff Smith, Carol Graves, Jason Smith at BFA, and and Chris Mayhue and Brendon Plant at GEMS.


In addition to providing a means of seamlessly sharing data and resources across the supervisory union and it’s partners, they provide year-round customer service to help troubleshoot and maintain the hardware and software.

Brendon Plant working with student IT helper at GEMS

FWSU staff have come to rely that the technology infrastructure is up and running without major issues. In addition to providing that all systems are in place and running, the IT staff are often tasked with major projects.

Boxes of new iPads

Thanks to the IT staff, outdated 2nd generation iPads were collected and replaced with over 1,650 new iPad Air 2’s across FWSU. During the summer the staff worked countless hours to unpack, set up and have the new devices ready to distribute before the first days of school.

One thought on “Flexible Learning Due to A Strong Infastructure

  1. our tech team at BFA is awesome. They dont get thanked enough for all the help they give us but they are appreciated every day!


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