It has been an exciting week in the Guidance Office at BFA-Fairfax as several Seniors sent out their first applications to college to meet the Early Action deadlines of numerous colleges and universities.

Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson

The college admission process requires students to use real-life problem solving. From deciding areas of academic interest and determining the admission selectivity of colleges, to thinking about location, other activities campuses have to offer and of course cost of attendance.

Evan McGregor
Evan McGregor

Students need to access resources such as school counselors, teachers parents and college admission folks. They also need to be creative as they produce a college essay that captures their essence.

Cooper Gonyaw
Cooper Gonyaw

High school counselors help facilitate this process. What makes it so special is seeing students work through this process: working with students through troubles and supporting them as they bring their own unique personalities to this transition.

Hudson Elledge
Hudson Elledge

If a student wishes, they place a pin on a college map, hanging in the Guidance Office, after they apply. It is a genuine moment of success and a feeling of pride. We cannot wait to see the positive contributions of these students upon graduation and beyond! The possibilities are boundless!

FWSU Action Plan

Target 2 – Leadership in a Student Centered Learning Environment FWSU will foster development of teacher & student leaders who provide innovative opportunities for local and global student-centered learning

Action Step – Provide multiple avenues for students and staff to lead, advocate, and serve within the school and community.

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