FRANKLIN WEST SUPERVISORY UNION is a great place for students to learn and thrive. Below are some recent facts about our schools and supervisory union that you may not have been aware of.


  • FWSU is the first and only school to become an Apple Distinguished School in Vermont. There are approximately 50 schools per year nationwide who receive this 5 (7)
  • FWSU is the first school in Vermont and New England to be accepted into the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools. There are 77 schools in the nation with this distinction.
  • BFA Fairfax High School scored in top 8 of all Champlain Valley High Schools in both Language Arts and Math on the 2015 SBAC. The Champlain Valley Region includes all high schools in Addison, Chittenden and Franklin counties. Average cost per pupil is $14,392. BFA per pupil cost is $12,019.
  • The BFA Fairfax 2014-15 graduation rate was 92%. The Vermont average is 88% and the national average is 79%.IMG_1855 (1)
  • FWSU is the 14th largest school system in Vermont based on ADM count. Average Daily Membership (ADM) is a count of resident and state-placed students who receive an elementary or secondary education at public expense. There are 60 districts/supervisory unions in Vermont.
  • 87% of BFA Fairfax 2015 senior class attends a four year college or two year college/technical center.  The national percentage is approximately 70%
  • This year 95% of all 4th grade students participated in a six week, ongoing,  educational experience with a school in another country.unnamed (2)
  • Every FWSU school spends less per pupil than the Statewide average of $14,095. The FWSU average is $12,742.
  • FWSU was recognized by the Vermont Agency of Education as a “clear standout” in a recent federal grant compliance review for their teamwork in conforming to federal regulations governing the expenditure of federal grant funds.
  • FWSU is the first school system in Vermont to employ a Learning Management System (LMS) for all students and families pK-12. FWSU uses Schoology.
  • Presidential Scholar 3BFA Fairfax student Bhupinderjit “Binny” Singh was one of 20 Vermont High School Students to be named a Vermont Presidential Scholar. 
  • BFA Fairfax HS has hosted 30 students from China each year for the past 5 years for two weeks in the summer. Students are immersed in an English language program taught by BFA faculty and students.
  • The FWSU blog posts a story featuring our district every school day for the last four years. We may well be the only district in the US to make this claim. To date we have had over 68,000 views of our blog.IMG_0191
  • FWSU (and CSSU) has the lowest rate of student tobacco use in Vermont based on the results of the last Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS).
  • Although Vermont schools are losing students every year, that is not the case in FWSU. Last year FWSU grew in size.
  • FWSU students in grades 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 11 (only grade tested in high school) all scored above state average in both Language Arts and Math on the 2015 SBAC
  • In the last 3 years, BFA Fairfax has had 5 recipients of the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) Scholarship awarded at the Vermont State Athletic Directors Association Student Leadership Conference. Kayla Baczewski ’14, Chace Carpenter ’15, Ben Bosland ’16, Victoria Brown ’16 were recipients of this annual scholarship awarded to the top 10 student-athlete leaders in Vermont high schools.
  • FWSU has consistently performed under its budgeted expenditures for the past ten years, and has reduced school assessments in FY15 and FY16 based on the accumulated fund balance from these savings.



Ned Kirsch is Superintendent of Schools at FWSU. You can follow him on Twitter @betaVT

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