This year our 7/8th grade students studying Spanish will sign up to teach a Kindergarten six week session. From January through February, two classes will take place from 12:30-1pm on Fridays. One set of students will teach in Mrs. Tougas’s class and another will work with Mrs. Heth’s students. After the February break, two new sessions will begin – this time in Mrs. Rowell’s and Mrs. Morse’ Kindergarten classrooms


Today’s lesson was learning animal names-el oso (bear), el perro (dog), el gato (cat)-and sing a “Spanish Greetings” song. Who is doing the learning? The kindergartners, or the student teachers delivering the lesson? Both!


The students are responsible for planning an interactive Spanish lesson with the children. Students were given the theme and had plenty of creative opportunity to use materials, presentation tools, and art to engage their students in learning.

What a great opportunity for our entire learning community!

One thought on “GEMS 7/8 Graders Pilot Elementary Spanish Program

  1. What a great program! Since we moved here to VT (our third school year), we have nothing but wonderful things to say about GEMS & it’s teachers & admin. This is a great learning opportunity for all involved. The one “complaint ” I have is regarding how late our school begins teaching a foreign language. I am a huge advocate for early foreign language introduction. This program can whet the foreign language & culture bug for our students. Now we just need to continue it through all the elementary grades!

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