bfa-montreal1bfa-montreal5Last week, students in Fred Griffin’s classes embarked on a “Cross Cultural Adventure in Montreal”. Students used their iPads to digitally document their day with the goal of creating a short film about their experience when they returned. Upon arrival in Montreal, students explored the city in groups of 4 or 5 students with one chaperone. Students could select from a walking tour to visit sites like the Cathedral de Notre Dame, Chinatown or Complex Desjardins.

Their other option was to use Montreal’s Metro system to explore the Underground City in addition to viewing some of the above ground sites.


“It amplified the learning experience from inside the classroom into real world practice” said Senior Kailey Ware.


All groups met up at the Museum of Fine Arts in the afternoon to explore before boarding the bus back to BFA.

bfa-montreal4Students experienced the food and culture of a great international city not far from home. When asked what he would remember most about the trip, Senior Nick Hill said, “Tim Horton’s, folding fans and pigeons. It was a great trip!”

“When we offer something like the Montreal adventure where the students are in control of their path, their timing, where they make choices about what interests them and what does not, everything changes,” teacher Fred Griffin reflected after another successful adventure.


Below is an early draft of one group’s video.

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